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Vehicle air conditioning, service and repairs

As a Delphi Air Conditioning Centre, Diplock Fuel Injection Services Ltd are your first choice for car air conditioning repairs and servicing in Hailsham. We have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to help keep you and your passengers cool on the hottest of days.


Delphi Air Conditioning Centre

Delphi Air Conditioning Centres are the leaders in the independent garage industry for vehicle air conditioning system servicing. Having invested in specialised equipment and having undergone an intensive training programme, we are fully accredited vehicle air conditioning systems specialists.
Vehicle Air Conditioning Hailsham
Vehicle Air Conditioning Hailsham

High-quality vehicle air conditioning repairs

  • Delphi certified
  • Affordable rates and guaranteed work
  • Highly experienced and trained team
  • All our work complies to EC842/2006 and EC307/2008 standards

We provide vehicle air conditioning repairs and servicing for customers living in and around Hailsham

For Delphi certified vehicle air conditioning services, call Diplock Fuel Injection Services Ltd in East Sussex today on 01323 847 282